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Fic: Wait On Me

Title: Wait On Me
Characters: Toby and Oz
Rating: PG
Length: 700+ words
Disclaimer: Obviously I get nothing for this work of fiction.
Warnings: Angst
Summary: This is a sort of alternate ending to episode ten of season two in which Oz acts in the heat of the moment.
A/N: In honour of The Listener season three premiere tomorrow!!

The gun weighed heavy in Toby's hand.

Toby... Oz's voice cut through the pandemonium in his mind. Whether Oz was supposed to be offering a comfort or a warning, Toby couldn't tell. The whole room was too loud; everyone's thoughts were too frantic, smothering him. His heart was beating fast and it battered against his rib cage.

The seconds passed like hours until the merciful whine of sirens drifted through the airport and Toby sighed inwardly with relief, still poised ready to shoot.

James swore under his breath before he dropped his head to his chest in defeat. His wife covered her mouth and cried as she muttered, "We killed him! Oh God! We killed him...!" The muffled sound of car tires and frenzied voices were easily heard now and Toby visibly relaxed his muscles.

Oz released a wave of thankfulness into the air and Toby smiled as it passed through his mind. He clapped a hand on Toby's shoulder and beamed his crooked grin. We made it, he said as Toby placed the gun on the ground.

There was a flicker in Toby's mind for only a second and, before he had a chance to analyse what it meant, Oz leaned in and gave Toby a kiss on the mouth. Toby was surprised, which was saying a lot, but he followed his instincts and placed a hand on the back of Oz's neck, enjoying the feeling of comfort. The stress eased out of his muscles and he shivered involuntarily. Oz took hold of the front of Toby’s shirt, steadying himself, and leaned his body against Toby’s.

But before the kiss had really begun, Oz pulled away. He looked just as shocked as Toby had felt a moment ago. Toby tried to catch what Oz was thinking but it was as if a hurricane was tossing his thoughts about in his brain and it was impossible for Toby to latch on to anything.

"I-I was just playing up the damsel in distress bit there," Oz quipped, making an excuse even though he could never fool Toby. "You know, lighten the mood."

"So I'm the Prince?" Toby went along with the joke, a coy smile playing on his lips where he could still taste Oz.

"Hey, you can be whatever you want to be as long as I'm not the Princess."

"Of course, m'lady."

Oz rolled his eyes and stuck his hands deep in his pockets as the cops entered the airport.

There had always been warm thoughts from Oz which Toby compared to those of family members or really close friends. Although as he thought about it now it was more like that of lovers. But he had never sensed any lust or any sign that Oz had wanted something more. Of course Toby tried to be respectful of Oz by never delving too deep into his mind. Toby glanced at James and his wife but no one had seemed to notice their little kiss, too caught up in their own trauma.

The cops piled in, guns raised and their bodies’ tense, ready to shoot. They took in the sight and immediately picked out the culprits. "Get down on the ground and put your hands on your head!" They instructed.

James and his wife did as they were told and laid on the ground, surrendering. Toby heard Oz exhale with relief beside him and then his brain was filled with the 'warm feelings' from earlier. Toby braced himself for round two of the kiss and was a little disappointed when he found the feelings weren’t for him as he spotted a feisty blonde crossing across the wing, headed straight for Oz.

The panic in Sandy's eyes quickly turned to relief as she saw Oz was safe. She ran into his arms and hugged him tight, murmuring things like, “You idiot.” Oz kissed his girlfriend and there was no mistaking the absolute love in his heart for her.

Oz threw a nervous glance Toby's way. Toby wanted to ask Oz so many questions about what had just happened but he wouldn’t do that now, not to Sandy. He could sense all of Oz’s feelings for him but also his bottomless love for Sandy. Toby smiled at the scene with sad eyes, feeling as if he’d lost something he’d never really had. All that mattered was Oz had her now and he was happy.

And that the time had passed for Toby and him.
Tags: !fanfiction, fandom: the listener, genre: slash, rating: pg
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